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Inclusive Insights & Access Tips
Issue 7 | Apr 2024 

Pathways to Inclusion: Harnessing Assistive Technology in Autism Acceptance Month

April is Autism Acceptance month; therefore, this newsletter is dedicated to highlighting the critical role of assistive technology in supporting autistic students and promoting inclusive practices within educational settings. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of special education, it becomes increasingly evident that access to assistive technology is not merely advantageous but essential for fostering an inclusive learning environment where all students can thrive. For autistic students, assistive technology serves as a powerful tool to support communication, enhance learning experiences, and unlock potential. By embracing assistive technology solutions tailored to individual needs, educators and caregivers can cultivate an environment that celebrates neurodiversity and fosters meaningful inclusion for every student.

Promoting Inclusive Practices in Autistic Communication Support

It is critical educators understand that autistic communication may differ from the more “traditional” and analytic language style of the neuro-majority. Learning about gestalt language processing, part-time AAC use, and declarative language is very important for supporting your autistic students. Also, several AAC app companies offer discounts during April. Thank you to Lauren Enders for creating a full list of app sales!

AT Tools for Enhancing Executive Function Skills

Tailored solutions to enhance organization, time management, and task completion play a pivotal role in supporting executive functioning skills. The Pictello app allows students to create and share visual social stories and schedules. Choiceworks is a customizable tool that helps students complete daily routines, understand and manage feelings, and improve waiting skills. GoVisual is an engaging tool that can be used to create visual scene displays. Finally, this handout has many ideas for student-centered strategies for executive function.

Podcast Spotlight: Insights from Parents of Autistic Children

In this Awe and Wonder podcast episode, Nikki and Joanna, two parents of Autistic sons, share their stories along with strategies and advice for other parents and educators of autistic children. Some highlights include using multiple tools during moments of dysregulation, advocating for your needs and rights in the school setting, fostering relationships, and presuming potential.
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