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Clicker Apps


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For Chrome or iPad apps

Clicker subscribers have access to all three of our Clicker Apps:

Clicker Writer

Watch your students confidently tackle writing tasks with help from Clicker’s realistic speech feedback, talking spell checker, audio note recorder, intelligent word prediction tool and mind-mapping feature.

Clicker Books

Provide speech-supported on-screen books tailored to your students’ learning needs, interests and objectives.

Clicker Talk

Nurture your students’ speaking and listening skills with Clicker Talk. Just add pictures to create your own Listen and Say, Talk About or Tell the Story resources.


Clicker Licensing Information

SETC Clicker licenses can be assigned to educators who have not yet tried Clicker and to educators who would like to trial Clicker with a student to take data on whether the tool is a good fit.  The licenses are 3-6 months, depending on the need of the trial.   Toni Caggiano from Cricksoft Inc. will work with you individually or as a district through the trial period.

Steps to take before requesting a trial of Clicker through SETC:

  1. Speak with your administrator to let them know the trial is taking place

  2. Speak with IT in your district to “white list Clicker”  They will want to see the Clicker Privacy Policy 

Once these steps have occurred,  fill out the Ready to Trial Clicker Survey

There are multiple ways to use a Clicker license.  You can try Clicker on your own iPad, Chromebook or laptop.  You can also check out a SETC iPad, Laptop, or Chromebook to trial Clicker.  In both instances, you will be signing into the license Toni assigns to you using the email you provide in the survey.

If you have questions about what kind of trial would work best for you, contact us at or call 509-963-3350