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Basic Edition Reading Pen


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The Reading pen’s Basic Edition is an assistive reading device that is designed specifically for school age reading levels. Featuring American Heritage Children’s Dictionary and Children’s Thesaurus, it provides a simple and easy way for people with reading difficulties, learning disabilities or dyslexia to get immediate word support when they are reading. Scans single words or full lines of text in seconds.See: Displays dictionary and Thesaurus entries. Also displays syllable break. Words highlighted on the LCD as they are spoken for easy following. Hear: Reads and spells aloud scanned words, lines of text, definitions and thesaurus entries with ScanSoft’s Text-to-Speech software through the integrated speaker or headphones. Define: recognizes over 240,000 words, featuring the American Heritage’s Children’s Dictionary and Thesaurus. Defines words within the definition (cross reference) for added clarity.


2300, 2275, 1251, 1250, 2301, 2265, 2268