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Accent 1400 w/ NuEye Tracking


Accent™ 1400 is a speech-generating device (SGD) that offers user-friendly features to make communicating fast and easy for individuals with speech impairments. The large 14” high-definition, daylight-readable display and extraordinary all-day battery life is the perfect choice for individuals with complex access needs or those who want larger icons. The device is built to last with a magnesium frame, chemically-hardened glass and a moisture-resistant seal. The Accent 1400 also offers multiple access modes supporting a wide array of switches, joysticks, and other tools, and accommodates the PRC NuEye Tracking and NuPoint® Head Tracking systems.The NuEye Tracking System attaches to the Accent 1400 device in seconds to give users full visual control of the device. Keys are “selected” by gazing for a specified period of time to generate speech. Includes PCS (Picture Communication Symbols), Unity, WordPower, Essence, Spanish Unity Language Options. This loaner device comes with a carrying case, 2 section charger cord for Accent 1400, user’s manual and information for both Accent 1400 and NuEye and information on Essence Vocabulary, USB cable, plastic port cover, stylus, 3 different keyguards, with the NuEye attached to Accent 1400.

***This NuEye has been discontinued by the manufacturer.




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