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Special Education
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Inclusive Insights & Access Tips
Issue 9 | June 2024 

Summer Learning with Assistive Tech

As the school year winds down and summer adventures
begin, we’re excited to share tips and tricks to keep kids
learning wherever they go. Whether you’re heading to the
beach, camping in the mountains, or exploring your local
park, learning and creativity can be part of the journey.
In this edition, we’ll explore a world of portable and easy-
to-use assistive technologies designed to support students
with disabilities on the go this summer. From durable low-
tech communication boards to innovative apps that turn
speech into text and e-readers that bring your favorite books to life, our goal is to show you how these tools can make learning fun and accessible, no matter where your summer takes you. We believe the goal is not to keep kids off technology over the summer but to encourage the use of technology to be creative and grow their minds. Instead of mindless tech use such as social media and YouTube videos, let’s move towards purposeful technology that inspires learning and creativity. So, pack your bags, grab your favorite tech gadgets, and join us on this journey to make the most of your summer with assistive technology. Let’s empower learning anywhere!

Communicating on the

Summer is perfect for integrating AAC into everyday activities, making learning fun and engaging. Use AAC devices in water activities like swimming and beach trips with waterproof cases or laminated boards. Keep AAC accessible during car rides by preparing favorite phrases and engaging in travel-related conversations and games that utilize AAC tools. Bring AAC into play, from gardening to backyard camping, creating communication opportunities around nature exploration, storytelling, and imaginative play. Check out this SETC tip, communication on the go.

Creative Ways to Boost
Reading & Listening Skills

Discover great resources to keep your kids’ minds active and curious! Use ListenNotes to discover podcasts on topics your kids love. Try Stories Podcasts for entertaining tales or Curious Kid Podcast for fun
educational content. Enhance storytelling with interactive Story Boxes, combining physical objects and narrative for an immersive reading experience. Access a vast collection of eBooks and audiobooks
with the Libby app or use portable e- readers like PlayAways from your local library.

Creative Ways to Foster
Expression & Creativity

Spark creativity and self-expression this summer! For Young Kids, explore “I’m Not Just a Scribble” by Diane Alber, and check out Brenda’s adapted video for engaging art activities. Using Book Creator, kids can make digital books with accessibility
features like dictation, voice notes, pictures, text, and a screen reader. Inspire creativity with ToonSquid, making fun and imaginative cartoons and animations. These resources will make self-
expression a delightful part of your child’s summer!

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