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UltraErgo Wireless RF Split Keyboard


Introducing the new UltraErgo Wireless RF Keyboard from OysterErgonomics

You don’t need to look any further than the Ultra Ergo Keyboard for your ideal keyboard solution for the office, home or on the go. The Ultra Ergo Keyboard from OysterErgonomics is the ultimate in mobility, ultimate in function and ultimate in ergonomic design. Don’t let this sleek, thin and lightweight design fool you – it is incredibly sturdy and can stand up to the rigors of travel and the office.

The Ultra Ergo Keyboard can go from a home workstation to the office to a coffee station with ease. The split keyboard and 3 height adjustments offers more range for finding your proper ergonomic typing position while the compact design doesn’t take up as much desk space as other ergonomic keyboards do. Combine this keyboard with a thin laptop stand and you have the ultimate in ergo-on-the-go computer equipment.

Quiet and soft tactile touch which offers an incredibly comfortable keystroke while typing.




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