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Talk Suite Pro


Looking for a speech app that adds enormous social communication power to a strong academic language base? Try Talk Suite Pro. And see how a person can Do More!

Talk Suite Pro meets the needs of early communicators to advanced communicators.

And it’s the only app that offers symbols and voices to highlight an individual’s age, gender, race, and so much more!

Talk Suite Pro was created working with many of the best SLPs and educators in our field, so provides strong sentence building… and also all sorts of ideas for quicker, more engaging communication.

Learn about our fantastic comprehensive approach to communication – Anticipatory Commuication, which blends precise generative language and social learning.

Check out this video on our YouTube Channel at

Our built-in scanning features are created to support those with even the most complete motor challenges.

Even at its best, being a person who needs Alternative Communication and Speech Apps is tough. Talk Suite Pro is designed to make it all a bit easier.