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Specs Switch


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The Specs Switch is the smallest switch in the Ablenet family. It measures 1-3/8″ in diameter and takes 3 ounces of pressure to activate. Each Specs switch package comes with three bases: one flush base (use when you want to use a cluster of switches), one flange base (to mount switch to almost any surface or use with mounting system), one strap-adaptable base (mount around objects like headrests or armrests). A 24″ strap to use with the strap-adaptable base ia also included with the switch. It comes in a variety of colors.


2495, 2616, 2701, 1872, 1678, 2614, 1668, 2613, 2494, 1674, 2497, 2496, 1669, 1676, 1573