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11/07/2024, Book Study: The Shift to Student-Led: Reimagining Classroom Workflows with UDL and Blended Learning (Session Three)

Date: 11/07/2024 Time: 4:15-5:15 Location: internet Type: Webinar


Revitalize your teaching and engage your learners with sustainable and rewarding practices shared in the book The Shift to Student-Led: Reimagining Classroom Workflows with UDL and Blended Learning” by Catlin Tucker and Katie Novak.  This book addresses the pressing need for educators to reclaim their passion and purpose amidst the challenges of today’s classrooms.  This book offers a lifeline to teachers who are interested in transforming their teaching with Universal Design for Learning.  The facilitators will guide participants through a journey of examining traditional teacher-led workflows and share practical experiences of the transformative power of UDL and blended learning. In addition, this work fits well with the new Teacher and Principal Evaluation and Growth Program (TPEP). Join us to release the burdens that conventional instruction places on teachers and students and place your students at the helm of their own learning journey.

Throughout this book study, we’ll discuss ways to shift time-consuming teacher-led workflows and ways to make a more sustainable classroom culture that focuses on ways for students to take ownership and lead the work. 

By actively engaging with the content of the book and implementing these strategies in their classrooms, participants will be equipped to cultivate academically robust, inclusive learning communities where students thrive as empowered, expert learners.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will identify and analyze common teacher-led workflows, identifying the challenges they pose for both educators and students, and recognizing the discrepancies between research-backed strategies and classroom realities.
  2. Implementing Student-Centered Practices: Educators will explore actionable strategies grounded in UDL and blended learning principles to transition from a “sage on the stage” role to one that empowers students to take ownership of their learning, fostering self-awareness, motivation, and self-regulation to promote equitable and inclusive learning.
  3. Designing Student-Led Workflows: Participants will collaboratively design and refine student-led workflows that prioritize student agency, engagement, and academic rigor, integrating UDL and blended learning elements to create inclusive and empowering learning environments.
  4. Applying Principles to Practice: Through reflective practice and peer feedback, educators will apply the principles and strategies outlined in the book to their own instructional contexts, actively reshaping their approach to teaching and learning to better meet the diverse needs of their students.


Tracy Dabbs

Katie Dorr

Arie Werder


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