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05/15/2023, Equity in Instructional Coaching

Date: 5/15/2023 Time: 3:30-4:30 Location: internet Type: Webinar


In a post-pandemic year, being equitable in a school community should be top-of-mind. If you’re
an instructional coach working with technology, teachers, and devices, you should also aim to
coach for equity–meaning that you are tailoring coaching strategies, cycles, and resources
toward the needs of your teachers. But, where do you begin? And, once you enter a coaching
cycle with a teacher, how can you collaborate alongside them throughout the rest of the year?
In this session we will be exploring what equity means in the context of instructional coaching,
developing expertise in content pedagogy, how to use technology to create inclusive environments, and how to sustain relationships with educators and


Victoria Thompson M.S., STEM Integration Instructional Coach

Victoria Thompson is a STEM Integration Transformation Coach at Technology Access Foundation–a nonprofit leader redefining STEM education in public schools–a consultant for Ignite EdTech, and a learning specialist for NCCE. She has been in education for five years and began her journey teaching fifth and sixth-grade math and science in Summerville, SC. After completing her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction she moved to the Seattle, WA area in 2018, where her career has pivoted to focusing on STEM integration in schools, K-12 mathematics instruction with research on decolonizing mathematics curriculum for teachers and learners, creating inclusive math environments, and using technology to bridge equity gaps in math education. She has presented at ISTE, ImpactEducation, CUE, and DigCitSummit on topics such as creating inclusive math classrooms, culturally responsive STEM education, and equity in educational technology. 

Microsoft Industry Advisor, K-12


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The new clock hours link for the winter-spring webinar series has also been posted on the professional development page. One entry is all that is needed for the clock-hour portion of this training. The clock hours link for fall 2023 will be posted in August.