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Tiny Switchy


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The Tiny Switchy turns an ordinary switch into a latching or timed-output switch for use with a switch-adapted toy or other switch operated device.

For example, a switch user may have difficulty holding down a switch–with timed output, each press of the switch produces a timed output (from seconds to minutes). Or set it to toggle mode so each switch press toggles the output on or off.

  • Very low-cost!
  • Toggle and timed-output modes
  • Operates a long time (years) on a coin cell battery
  • Small!
  • Simple to use–only two modes

Two LEDs are used to indicate mode and switch activations. Internally, a solid-state switch extends battery life, reduces size, makes the unit completely silent in operation, and allows the use of a small coin battery. The ultra-low power consumption means it is always on and ready for use–no need for a power switch. A custom designed and manufactured housing makes it compact, easy to take with you wherever you go.