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Linkswitch: Dual Channel


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The LinkSwitch is an interface device that enables individuals to activate battery operated assistive devices using Adaptivation’s Taction Pads or any conventional adaptive switch. Simply plug a Taction Pad (or other switch) into the LinkSwitch then touch the Taction Pad to activate adapted toys, keyboard interfaces, adapted tape recorders, battery interrupters, sensory stimulus devices, or virtually any battery operated device which has been adapted for switch input. The LinkSwitch is a dual channel model and comes with one Taction Pad. With the combined functions of the LinkSwitch and Taction Pads, teachers, therapists, and care providers can turn nearly any surface or object into a “switch.” A glass, picture board, toy, even a tape recorder could become the target object for activating a device. Each unit can operate in three different output modes: momentary, latching, and timing activation. In timing mode the output will always “time out” even if the input switch is continually held down. Timing varies from 2 to 52 seconds. The LinkSwitch is ideally suited as an interface between the VoicePal Levels and the VoicePal Max and battery operated devices. The LinkSwitch can add latching and timingcapabilities to the VoicePal Levels and VoicePal Max relay activation feature.




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