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Skoogmusic Skwitch Musical Interface for iPhone


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*MUSICAL INSTRUMENT – Skwitch transforms your iPhone into a one-button musical instrument to play songs you know or compose and perform your own. Use as an easy-to-play introduction to music technology to create amazing-sounding music.
*EASY-TO-USE – It clips straight onto your iPhone, so within seconds you have a piece of tech that you can use to create music, connect to other apps + more. It doesn’t need any batteries either so use on the go.
*MUSIC FOR ALL – Improve your musical abilities as you compose and perform your own songs. You don’t need any music skills or knowledge. It is genuinely useable by everyone, including those with disabilities.
*CONNECT WITH MIDI – It works as an easy to use musical instrument or for more advanced, connect to other apps and devices. Skwitch works with GarageBand and other music apps to allow you to bring your creative musical mind to life!
More info on uses for the SKOOG by Dr. Ben




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