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Pretorian USB Switch


Pretorian USB Switch is, quite simply, a switch with a built-in switch box! Simply plug USB Switch into any available USB port and it will work just as you expect it to. As with all Pretorian products, no driver disks are required to allow USB Switch to work- the computer will build its own driver when the product is first plugged in, making it ideal for contract managed computer systems.

Did you know?
Pretorian USB Switch has settings to allow it to be adapted to users with all types of motor deficit, including tremors and poor forearm strength.

Then select the switch function you require using the simple display on the reverse of the unit and the product is ready to use. The settings have been carefully chosen to work with all available AT software and apps.

Two additional 3.5mm sockets are provided on the rear of the unit to allow more switches to be connected and the function of each one may be separately selected.
USB Switch gets its power straight from the USB socket so there are no batteries required in this product.
But USB Switch’s features don’t end there- it is also the only switch on the market with settings to allow adaptation for tremors, poor forearm strength and other motor deficits.




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