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*When ordering an app, you must order an iPad to go with it*

This pronunciation app has been designed to aid with spoken English practice. It is the first one in a series of apps created by Mobi-Learning Inc. which aim to help practice English pronunciation. It is designed for both students and teachers who want to use it as a teaching resource. It focuses on learning and practicing minimal pairs at the time and place of learners’ choosing.

Minimal pairs are pairs of words or phrases in a particular language, which differ in only one phonological element and have distinct meanings. Minimal pairs often cause trouble for foreign language speakers; in fact, lots of time and effort is usually spent on the practice of minimal pairs in the English language classroom. Our mobile application is designed to help learners discriminate between different sounds and meanings. The Minimal Pairs app is the first app that offers focused practice on English minimal pairs. It is an essential tool for practicing this important feature of the English language. Your students and employees can become more aware of their difficulties with pronunciation and hence improve it by practicing these pairs whenever wherever using our simple yet effective MinimalPairs app. An easy-to-use navigation and instructions ensure that all English language learners, from basic to advanced, can engage in this essential pronunciation practice.


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