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Mini Mystery Reader


*When ordering an app, you must order an iPad to go with it*

Make reading instruction fun! Mini Mysteries Readers presents high interest , easy-to-read detective stories for children 5-9 years old who are eager to develop better reading skills. The twenty-four interactive stories feature Sam Sherlock ( stories written at a grade 2-3 reading level) and Bree Cody ( grade 3-4) as they search for clues and solve the whodunits. All text is spoken by professional narrators and highlighted as it’s read and readers can touch any word at any time to hear it pronounced. At the end of the stories , multiple choice questions assess comprehension and critical thinking skills . Test results are stored and can be printed. Optional automatic page reading and turning aid readers who have difficulty navigating the app. To accommodate readers with physical disabilities, the app is accessible with one or two switches. Mini Mysteries allows unlimited users each with customizable settings. A Remedia Publications and Attainment Company collaboration.