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Conversation Social Stories & Simple PECs Communication


*When ordering an app, you must order an iPad to go with it*

Conversation social stories is made up of four social stories about different conversational skills and simple communication tools to go with them.

The stories focus on greetings, asking someone to play, what to talk about in a conversation and tips for great conversations. Some of the stories include square buttons with images that play whatever part of the conversation the the story is about. The buttons are similar to PECS in that they have a picture that represents the idea, and then play a message when tapped.

The app opens up to table of contents to choose which of the four stories to read. Some of the stories have buttons that play examples of things to say when each one is pressed. The stories focus on important conversational skills including greetings, asking someone to play, tips on where to stand, how to end a conversation and many more!


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