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Author: Becky Hemsley, Illustrator: Siski Kalla

A girl is faced with the challenges of trying to ‘be’ what others expect of her. She’s either too loud or too quiet, too fierce or too weak… Until it’s all too much. So she finds a special place to express her feelings, to regain her sense of self and to… breathe.

A poem that has been read, viewed and listened to millions of times around the world, Breathe is for any child (or adult!) who finds life overwhelming at times and especially for those experiencing anxiety, feelings of insecurity or inadequacy. Brought to life by magical illustrations, this poem reminds us of the importance of reconnecting with our inner self and of allowing ourselves to exist free of expectations from others.

Reading Age: Baby – 8 years
Book Length: 32 pages


3176, 3177, 3178