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BlueLine Bluetooth Joystick


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The Pretorian BlueLine is a compact desktop Bluetooth Joystick allowing direct wireless connection to any computer or tablet that has built-in Bluetooth. Ideal for connection to iPad or iPhone using iOS Assistive Touch to give precise cursor movement without the need for fine motor skills. Also allows easy connection to Android devices.
BlueLine includes three recessed buttons and two sockets for external switches, all of which can be individually configured according to the user’s precise needs. The unit also supports four cursor speed settings which may be changed by the user. Other button options include swipe left and swipe right which are ideal for page turning in addition to drag-lock and dwell-click features.
All programmable features are stored in non-volatile memory and are automatically recalled each time the unit is used, irrespective of the device it is used on. This allows the joystick to be configured for a particular user without needing access to their device, which is of particular value to OT Centres with remote clients.
BlueLine has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery which typically gives 15 hours of constant use between charges. In practice the time between charges is likely to be several days, depending on use. The unit is supplied with a charger cable which works via any USB socket and can continue to be used while charging.


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