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1/31/2022, Introduction to LessonPix: Clip Art, Sharing Center, and SoundFinder

Date: 1/31/2022 Time: 3:30-4:30 Location: internet Type: Webinar


Come and learn how to use Bellevue School District’s newest visual support software: LessonPix! LessonPix is a simple, online tool used to create specific, customized learning materials for diverse learners. The 55,000+ customizable symbols can be used in the hundreds of available templates to create a variety of learning materials such as: graphic organizers, customized therapy materials (e.g. minimal pair activities for speech therapy), communication boards to support language development, rhyming activities, visual supports (e.g. do/do not cards, visual schedules, behavior support visuals, first/then boards), word walls, storybooks, writing pages, cutting pages, math activities, learning games, and much more.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an overview and explore the features of LessonPix
  2. Navigate LessonPix pre-made templates to meet curriculum needs
  3. Identify the features of LessonPix that meet the needs of a diverse learning group
  4. Create custom LessonPix materials that can be used in the classroom or to support IEP goals


Allison Barwise, MA, SLP-CCC

Alli Barwise works in the Bellevue School District as a Speech-Language Pathologist and Assistive Technology Coordinator. Before coming to Bellevue, Alli worked as an SLP and AT Coordinator in Connecticut and as an AAC clinical supervisor at Penn State University.


Email Sue Wright at the SETC office

Clock hours for this webinar and others in this series are available from ESD105 for a small fee. The following Professional Development Enroller link provides more information about clock hours: