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3/02/2022, Assessment for Differentiation in Mathematics Instruction

Date: 3/2/2022 Time: 3:30-4:30 Location: internet Type: Webinar


Are you looking for an equitable way to assess students in your classroom in a standards-based way that is differentiated for different learners?  Come learn about writing 3 column assessments that allow for differentiation and quick standards-based grading.

Learning Objectives: 

Teachers will learn how to write a 3-column assessment based on standards which will differentiate for multiple leveled students in a classroom as well as learn technology to gather information for differentiation.

  1. Class Goal #1: Through instruction, discussion, and examples teachers will understand how to both accommodate struggling learners and extend learners using the same 3 column assessment for standards.
  2. Class Goal #2: Teachers will learn how to use digital platforms to collect formative data to differentiate for individual and class learning needs, on multiple types of assessments.


Mitchell Stanberry

Secondary Math Instructor, Warden School District


Linda Doehle, AT Specialist

Linda Doehle started her career as a software engineer after completing her degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics at Whitworth College.  She brought her technical skills to the field of assistive technology while working as an Assistive Technology Specialist for the Yakima School District.  Linda holds an AT Specialist Certificate and enjoys being able to use her technology skills in helping students optimize their abilities using assistive technology.  Linda has been with the Special Education Technology Center for eleven years and has presented webinars and classes at national and statewide conferences. 


Email Sue Wright at the SETC office

Clock hours for this webinar and others in this series are available from ESD105 for a small fee. The following Professional Development Enroller link provides more information about clock hours: