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Awe and Wonder Podcast Series 4

Awe and Wonder S4 E8 Cultural Responsiveness: Karanveer Singh with KP Singh and Rose Racicot

Karanveer Singh is an AAC User and contributor to the Special Education Technology Center who recently won the 2024 Prentke AAC Distinguished Lecture. In this episode he is joined by his mother, KP Singh, and his family friend and OT Rose Racicot. KP, Rose and Karanveer talk to us about the role Karanveer’s Indian culture, language and family values play in his life and his experience living in both India and Washington. Note: For the purposes of this podcast some periods of silence during which Karanveer is composing his messages using his AAC system have been edited.

Karanveer Singh with KP Singh and Rose Racicot

Awe and Wonder S4 E7: Maria De Leon

Maria De Leon is an SLP in Southern California who specializes in AAC. She, along with two other SLPs, started a website called Bilingue AAC, which is packed with resources for parents, teachers, and SLPs who work with bilingual students. Maria reminds us that speaking multiple languages is part of a student’s identity and culture and it is critical to take this into consideration with AAC assessment and implementation.

Maria De Leon


BilingueAAC BilingueAAC is set to provide bilingual AAC resources to families and professionals that work with bilingual AAC users.

PrAACtical AAC supports a community of professionals and families who are determined to improve the communication and literacy abilities of people with significant communication difficulties.

Cultural-Linguistic AAC: Bilingual Literacy and AAC


Diverse AAC @diverseaac Provides a chart of AAC systems in various languages. AAC app/Device Crosswalk: Bookshare provides access to digital books that can be read aloud with text-to-speech for eligible students.

Awe and Wonder S4 E6: Tasha Antone and Wolf Brown

In this episode focused on cultural responsiveness, parents Tasha and Wolf share their experiences raising their daughter who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and the immense supports they have received along the way through their reservation, beginning with schooling at 6 months of age.

Awe and Wonder S4 E5: Jordyn Carroll

Jordyn is an SLP who is passionate about cultural responsiveness and representation. She talks about attending a predominantly white school and later a historically black college or institution and how those experiences helped her become an advocate for herself and for others.

Mentioned in Podcast: and The Color of Autism Foundation

Jordyn Carroll

Awe and Wonder S4 E4: Danielle Van Dusen

Danielle Van Dusen is an Assistive Technology Specialist with Open Doors for Multicultural Families, an organization in Washington State that supports and partners with individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families, regardless of cultural or linguistic background.

Danielle Van Dusen

Awe and Wonder S4 E3: Toi Randolph & Carrisa Evans

Toi and Carrisa are parents to their young daughter with complex needs and an older son who is typically developing. In this podcast they candidly share experiences of bias they’ve faced when getting services for their daughter and examples of what providers can do differently to help all families feel comfortable and heard.

Toi Randolph & Carrisa Evans

Awe and Wonder S4 E2: Dr. Renaldo Fowler

Dr. Renaldo Fowler works for the Arizona Center for Disability law. He tells us about the African American Conference on Disabilities that addresses the intersection between race and disability and about the importance of having a safe space for good conversations.

Mentioned in this podcast: African American Conference on Disability  

Renaldo Fowler

Awe and Wonder S4 E1: Dr. R. Danielle Scott

Dr. Scott, Assistant Professor at Minnesota State University Mankato in the Communication Sciences & Disorders Program, talks to us about cultural humility, tools providers can add to their cultural responsiveness toolbox, and the importance of knowing our students and families.

Textbook: Culturally Responsive Practices in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Website: Leaders Project

R. Danielle Scott