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11/07/2022, Shaping Inclusion: Co-Creating Opportunities with Students for ALL Students.

Date: 11/07/2022 Time: 9:00-4:00 Location: NWESD in Anacortes or internet Type: Hybid, Face to face or Webinar


Shaping Learning Opportunities Through A Synergetic Approach

Across all learning environments, our students have individualized ways they communicate and access their curriculum. We know that working on communication in a silo doesn’t translate well to any classroom setting, and addressing motor skills in isolation doesn’t magically translate to accessing the curriculum. We also know that these areas are not linear. We aren’t asking students to master communication or motor skills before they are expected to demonstrate learning in the classroom. Let’s help students learn to communicate and learn to access the curriculum in “real-time,” within their classroom setting, with their peers, and in their complex bodies. This is when and where genuine, authentic, meaningful learning takes place. This type of learning is synergetic and requires the expertise of each professional simultaneously. What if we told you we could help you map this out? We can help you streamline your AT and AAC toolbox to include all kids in all learning opportunities.  Join us to learn how to get creative with the curriculum so that it is student-driven and therefore highly motivating, all while meeting your goals.

Learning Objectives, participants will:

  1. Understand the importance of expanding the curriculum to include student-directed activities to increase motivation and parent buy-in
  2. Incorporate strategies to increase social interaction, community, connection, and belonging between students
  3. Examine opportunities to integrate communication, literacy, and motor skills to shape learning across all environments.


Brenda Del Monte, MA, SLP-CCC
Brenda Del Monte has been working as a therapist for over 18 years. Brenda received her undergraduate degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Washington and her Masters in Speech-Language Pathology at Western Washington University. She has worked with children and adults with multiple disabilities since 2003. Brenda owns Technically Speaking, PLLC, a company that serves those who use AAC.  As an expert in AAC, Brenda contracts with Advanced Therapy Solutions to evaluate, train and treat those with multiple disabilities and complex medical conditions. 

Brenda serves as a practice scholar research mentor at Northern Arizona University’s OTD program. Brenda has taught courses for Central Washington University, Arizona State University Speech-Language Pathology SLP Master’s Program and Northern Arizona University Occupational Doctoral students.


Email Sue Wright at the SETC office

This conference has a registration fee due the week of the training. $95 for online, $115 face to face including lunch.

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