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01/23/2024, PDF Accessibility – From Confusion to Clarity

Date: 01/23/2024 Time: 11:30-12:30 Location: internet Type: Webinar


Not sure why your PDF file can’t be read aloud with your screen reader? Learn about the difference between a searchable PDF, where the text can be selected or searched, and an image PDF file, which only contains an image of the text, and cannot be selected or searched. This session will cover how they can be read aloud to students using text to speech readers, which screen readers work with which type, how to save text files as a searchable PDF, as well as how to convert image PDF files into searchable and text selectable PDF files.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the key differences between searchable PDF files and image PDF files
  2. List 2 options for creating searchable PDF files
  3. List 2 screen readers capable of reading aloud searchable PDF files, and 2 screen readers capable of reading aloud image PDF files
  4. Gain resources to build AT processes within their school district
  5. Evaluate resources for consideration, assessment, and implementation of AT for students


Dan Herlihy, MA in Adult Learning, Assistive Technology Resource Specialist

Dan Herlihy has worked in the education field for over 35 years, working in special education classrooms, as a Computer Resource Specialist, Network Administrator, Assistive Technology Resource Specialist and developing a wilderness programs for at-risk students. He has presented nationally and internationally at conferences and in school districts on topics ranging from Technology Solutions for Struggling Students to Promoting Higher Order Thinking. He has also written numerous books and articles on technology integration and produced educational activities for educators and students, as well as online videos for educators showcasing technology integration. His expertise is in taking diverse technologies and connecting them to provide solutions for access. He is currently researching and developing new approaches to professional development in education.

Kristin Leslie, ATP, MAT, OTR/L

Kristin Leslie is an occupational therapist and an assistive technology professional who is currently in the role of director at the Special Education Technology Center (SETC).  She has worked in special education in Washington state public schools for 23 years. Her leadership role at SETC includes providing guidance to administrators, families, and school teams on assistive technology tools and best practices to remove barriers to student learning.


Email Sue Wright at the SETC office

Clock hours for this webinar and others in this series are available from ESD105 for a small fee. The following Professional Development Enroller link provides more information about clock hours: