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03/07/2023, You Can Do It! Implementing Switch Activities Throughout Your Student’s Day

Date: 03/07/2023 Time: 4:30-6:30 pm Location: internet Type: Paid Class


The research says thousands of repetitions with variation (moderate differences) are critical to learning a new motor task (retrieved from Linda Burkhart Two Switches for Success). How on earth can you do that within your busy day? In this class, we’ll take you through a typical school day routine to show examples of how to implement multiple meaningful switch activities into what you’re already doing. You will leave with activities you can start right away with your students!


Heidi G. Brislin, MS-OTR/L

Heidi is an Occupational Therapist and Assistive Technology Specialist for the Special Education Technology Center,  Edmonds School District, and owns a private practice in Kingston, WA. Heidi has extensive experience in school-based practice, inpatient and outpatient adult rehab settings. She has degrees from Boston University and the University of Washington. Heidi is passionate about teaching teams to create authentic learning opportunities, improving literacy skills, switch access, power mobility and helping children become autonomous communicators. Heidi has presented nationally and throughout Washington.

Online Class fee $25

Email Sue Wright at the SETC office

Clock hours for this webinar and others in this series are available from ESD105 for a small fee. The following Professional Development Enroller link provides more information about clock hours: