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01/24/2024, 3:2:1 Blast off with OrbitNote

Date: 01/24/2024 Time: 3:30-4:30 Location: internet Type: Webinar


In this webinar we will explore how to easily rocket your PDFs to the next level making them actionable and accessible using OrbitNote.  We will demonstrate how to use OrbitNote to support diverse learners in accessing text through read aloud, as well as demonstrate how to create and share digital work easily by adding text and voice comments and using drawing tools.  Orbit note also allows for collaboration by allowing users to leave feedback.  Join us to learn more about the reading, writing, and comprehension support provided within OrbitNote.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn to use OrbitNote to make PDFs accessible to diverse learners.
  2. Participants will become familiar with the functions of the OrbitNote toolbar and how it supports reading, writing, and comprehension.


Jodi Burr

Jodi Burr is a Customer Account Manager with Texthelp partnering with K-12 school districts in the west.  As a retired educator and Assistive Technology (AT) Facilitator, she has extensive experience in the inclusive classroom as well as regional/state level AT support.  From researching, consulting, and implementation of instructional supports her passion is for Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in focusing on the elimination of learning barriers and offering the best opportunity for equal access for ALL students.

Kati McIlroy

Kati McIlroy is an Assistive Technology Specialist and an Occupational Therapist who has worked in school districts for over 15 years in Southern California and currently works at Texthelp as an Business Development Manager. She collaborates with district professionals and educators to integrate technologies that help students access the curriculum, support digital learning and helps to implement UDL across school districts. By conducting presentations and trainings at schools and conferences, Kati helps spread the word about how Universal Design for Learning opens the world to students and creates lifelong learners.


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Clock hours for this webinar and others in this series are available from ESD105 for a small fee. The following Professional Development Enroller link provides more information about clock hours: