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Unlearning: Changing Your Beliefs and Your Classroom with UDL – Asynchronous Book Study Series

Unlearning: Changing Your Beliefs and Your Classroom with UDL written by Katie Novak and Allson Posey is a groundbreaking book that challenges traditional notions of education and provides practical strategies for creating inclusive and effective learning environments. Using the framework of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Posey and Novak guide educators through the process of unlearning old beliefs and assumptions about teaching and learning, and replacing them with new, more flexible and diverse approaches. With step-by-step guidance on designing and delivering lessons that meet the needs of all learners, as well as practical tips for building relationships with students and engaging families, this book is an essential resource for educators at all levels who are committed to creating more inclusive and equitable classrooms.

Learning Objectives

1.  Understand the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and how they can be applied in the classroom to support the learning needs of all students, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities.
2.  To explore the concept of unlearning and how it can help educators identify and overcome their own biases and assumptions and create a more inclusive learning environment.
3.  To provide practical strategies and examples for implementing UDL and unlearning in the classroom, such as creating flexible lesson plans, using multiple means of representation and assessment, and fostering a growth mindset in students.

Asynchronous Course Instructions

  1. Select a book study session from the four sessions listed below.
  2. View the selected recorded session & explore the session resources on the Unlearning Book Study Website
  3. Fill out an Evidence of Learning Survey (Link) for each recorded session viewed.
  4. Register for Clock Hours. (Link)


Session Overview

Session 1

Session 1 Overview

Three Teaspoons of Lemon Juice:  Not an Introduction
Chapter 1 – Apples and Buffets

Session 2

Session 2 Overview

Chapter 2 – The UDL Roadtrip
Chapter 3 – Transform Your Tried-and-True Techniques

Session 3

Session 3 Overview

Chapter 4 – Prioritize Engagement
Chapter 5 –  Relight the Pilot Light to Unleash the Expert Learner

Session 4

Session 4 Overview

Chapter 6 – Take Action