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The Switch2Scan has options for using between 1 and 4 switches to control the iPad – and has four ports into which a switch can be plugged. When using single switch mode, the switch has 3 functions and needs to be pressed for varying lengths of time to control the iPad. As you add more switches, the number of functions that each switch needs to serve is reduced. In two switch mode, the first switch only has one function, and the second switch has two. In three and four switch modes, each switch only has one function. The table below shows the different functions of the switches.
Switch2Scan was conceived prior to iOS Switch Control and was therefore developed to utilize the iOS “Voiceover” capability. If you need scanning access to an iPad and have a device running iOS7 or later (when “Switch Control” was introduced) then the APPlicator or iSwitch is likely to be a better choice, unless one of the following applies:
1. The user is Visually Impaired and needs switch access- in which case they will still benefit from using Voiceover.
2. If you are familiar and comfortable with Voiceover and need a simple method of page-turning in iBooks.
3. You have an original iPad (identifiable because there is no camera), in which case you cannot install iOS7 or newer.