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MATT Connect


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Low Vision equipment. Portable electronic magnifiers is a high quality, full-color reading device for visually impaired users of all ages. With features such as:
• magnify a print document
• read a book from an online library
• conduct internet research
• view a smartboard
• write and email assignments
• take a test
• Use MATT Connect for magnification, distance viewing, and as a mirror
• Compact and light (less than 8 lbs!)
• 12-inch HD full-color widescreen monitor with LED-backlight
• Intuitive operation with clearly marked buttons, only 6 buttons and a zoom dial to operate
• Viewing modes: 5 reversible color combinations, full natural colors, automatic focus can be switched on and off
• Smart folding mechanism with 3 safe articulated joints
• Aesthetically pleasing space-saving design
• HD camera: 1366 x 720 pixels, for both close range and distance views
• External power adapter/battery charger
• Lithium-ion battery, 5+ hours operating time
• Only 2 inches thick when folded!


2400, 2401, 2402, 2544