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Awe and Wonder Podcast Series 1: Another Perspective

Series 2 Leaders and Changemakers

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Awe and Wonder E9- AAC User Perspective

Meet 6 AAC Users and hear what they want people to know about them. All of these AAC have different devices and alternative access methods. All of them have strong personalities and can’t wait to tell you what they really think.

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Sarah Kinsella, M.A. CCC-SLP, Brenda Del Monte, M.A. CCC-SLP, & Guest AAC Users

Awe and Wonder E8- Parent Perspective: Toxic Assumptions

Jessica’s story is powerful and demonstrates how toxic assumptions created walls. She then shared what helped her knock those walls down.

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Brenda DelMonte MA, CCC-SLP, Jessica Montoya, Sarah Kinsella MA, CCC-SLP

Awe and Wonder E7- Educator Perspective: Inclusionary Practices

A general education teacher and special education teacher share insights into how they make inclusion work for students with significant disabilities and the impact it has on students and staff.

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Katie Herzberg & Erica Marsh

Awe and Wonder E6- Educator Perspective: Buy-In

These educators are finding ways to increase AAC buy-in with staff, administrators and others students. Listen to their tips about building AAC goals into professional development, modeling strategies, and more!

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April Weitkamp & Bernadette Nguyen

Awe and Wonder E5- Parent Perspective: Degenerative Disorders

Kristi Roher shared her son’s story and we learned so much. Of note, every parent has a story and no one is getting to the IEP table unscathed. Her advice to extend grace and compassion to all participants in her child’s life is priceless.

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Brenda DelMonte MA, CCC-SLP, Kristi Roher, Sarah Kinsella MA, CCC-SLP

Awe and Wonder E4- Early Intervention Perspective: Bright Beginnings

We have a PT and SLP intervention team, as well as a life skills teacher of a kindergartener, talking about they are successfully introducing AAC to our youngest students.

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Kalee Koburi, M.A. Ed. CCC-SLP; Katie Chung PT, DPT; Kaylee Hull

Awe and Wonder E3- Special Ed Teacher Perspective: Wait Time

This conversation with Special Education Teacher, Marla Naisant, reveals successful implementation of AAC.

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Brenda DelMonte MA, CCC-SLP, Marla Naisant, Sarah Kinsella MA, CCC-SLP

Awe and Wonder E2- OT Perspective: Mobility Matters

OTs share their stories on how they became powered mobility specialists in their community and the role mobility plays in AAC.

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Melanie Thompson, OTR/L, ATP & Heidi Brislin, OTR/L

Awe and Wonder E1- Parent Perspective: Autism

Two parent perspectives on communication, AAC, the IEP process and what successful education looks like.

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Nikki Ship, Joanna Blanchard

Welcome to Awe And Wonder!

Listen in to find out why we call this podcast Awe And Wonder!

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Sarah Kinsella MA, CCC-SLP, Brenda DelMonte MA, CCC-SLP