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Inclusive Insights & Access Tips
Issue 4 | Jan 2024 

Tools and Strategies to Support Inclusive STEM Instruction

This month, our emphasis is on enhancing math and science instruction by ensuring the active participation of all students. Utilizing technology tools facilitates exploration, offering diverse avenues to engage with STEM subjects. Preteaching vocabulary equips students with the necessary language and background knowledge for meaningful discussions
about their learning. Integration of accessible STEM tools, providing students with various ways to express their understanding, not only enhances learning but also enhances confidence and engagement. Explore the tools and strategies listed below to support students in their access to STEM education.

Math Interviews to Foster Engagement

Engaging in various types of math- related questions allows students to collaborate and enhance their comprehension. The video, Simple Strategies to Get Students Talking About Math, showcases how a straightforward math interview approach fosters increased engagement and understanding. Explore the complete article on Edutopia for additional insights.

Communication as a STEM Learning Tool

Effective mathematical thinking relies on communication. A foundation in math vocabulary enables students to expand concepts for profound understanding. For those using AAC systems, witnessing modeled use of science and math vocabulary is crucial. Discover the role of communication as a learning tool, especially when it comes to STEM concepts.

Unlocking Access to Math

This month’s Tuesday Tips provide an “at a glance” overview of STEM technology tools, such as Desmos, Equatio, Geogebra, and KIWI Write Math, designed to enhance access to math exploration, instruction, and assessment.

New & Notable

Winter-Spring Webinar and Book Study Schedule
  • New Book Study – Design & Deliver: Planning & Teaching Using Universal Design for Learning. The first 45 people will receive a free book. Register Now!
  • Inclusive Chatters Series based on the book Inclusive 365: Ed Tech Strategies for Every Day of the Year. The first 45 people will receive the book. Register Now!
Using Snap Type Pro to type into worksheets,