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Inclusive Insights & Access Tips
Issue 3 | Dec 2023 

Empowering Inclusive Learning Through Alternative Writing Access

Building a truly inclusive classroom involves recognizing and embracing the various ways in which students express their ideas. Utilizing tools like voice typing, word banks, and alternative pencils ensures that students with diverse needs can actively engage in the writing process. Inclusive access promotes a more equitable educational environment, allowing students to express their thoughts and ideas regardless of traditional writing constraints. This shift not only enhances individual learning experiences but also cultivates a more inclusive and supportive classroom culture, where every student can contribute and thrive.

Accessible Assignments

Ensuring the accessibility of assignments is paramount for an inclusive learning environment. Using Snap Type Pro to type into worksheets, alternative pencils, or voice-typing tools gives students with diverse needs onramps to actively engage with written tasks. For more ideas on making worksheets more accessible visit this resource page on Making Worksheets Accessible.

Predictable Chart Writing

Predictable chart writing, or shared writing, serves as a valuable support for emergent writers. With this approach, the teacher and students create a chart together, focusing on predictable language patterns or themes. This shared experience provides a scaffold for emergent writers, offering a structured framework while allowing students to actively participate.


The Edutopia video called Exploring Tools Through Content, shows how students express ideas in different ways using technology. Says their principal, “It’s not just about substituting programming for something that we could’ve done in writing. It’s to be able to give students additional ways to express their learning, to go out and find information, pull that together, use their own voice… we want students to learn how to be learners for the rest of their lives.”

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