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09/11/2023, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education, STEM

Date: 09/11/2023 Time: 3:30-4:30 Location: internet Type: Webinar


There has been a lot of buzz about artificial intelligence (AI) in education; specifically, how it will impact education in the future. This session aims to demystify AI concepts, explore its applications, and highlight its potential for future advancements in education. In this session attendees will gain a solid foundation on what AI is, what it does, and how it functions, enabling them to grasp how to utilize it in their classrooms, schools, and communities. You’ll also walk away with introductory strategies to implement basic AI principles into your roles.

Learning Objectives

  1. Deepen understanding of the concepts and applications of AI. Participants will gain knowledge about AI algorithms, machine learning techniques, data analysis, and other related topics, which can enhance their expertise in teaching STEM subjects and incorporating STEM into non-STEM subjects.
  2. As an educator, become confident in using artificial intelligence (AI) in the classroom to plan lessons and engage students in creative learning.
  3. As a school leader, become confident in using artificial intelligence (AI) in schools to drive positive learning outcomes for students and educators.
  4. Help students develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to use artificial intelligence (AI) in their work for activities, projects, and classwork.


Victoria Thompson, MS, STEM Integration Instructional Coach

Victoria Thompson is a Customer Success Account Manager at Microsoft Education, an ISTE Community Leader, and a technology in education consultant. She began her journey teaching fifth and sixth grade math and science in Summerville, SC. After completing her masters degree in curriculum and instruction she moved to the Seattle, WA area in 2018, where her career has pivoted to focusing on digital transformation, STEM integration in schools, technology in instruction, and using technology to bridge equity gaps in education. At Microsoft Education she works with folks across the country to develop foundational relationships with key technology stakeholders to enable quality solution delivery and support for schools and districts. She has managed the Microsoft Innovative Education Expert (MIE Expert) and Showcase School programs, growing the Expert community from 745 to 830 members in 2022. As a technology in education consultant she works with school districts across the world to address topics such as technology equity and capacity building with professional development, and has presented at conferences such as ISTE, FETC, TCEA, IDEAcon, ImpactEducation, CUE, and DigCitSummit on topics such as using technology to create inclusive math classrooms, the intersectionality of literacy and STEM, equity in instructional coaching, culturally responsive STEM education, and equity in educational technology. Additionally, she was recently awarded the title of one of the top 30 K-12 IT influencers in 2021 by EdTech Magazine and one of the ISTE Top 20 to Watch in 2023. She now lives in Winter Garden, FL with her wife, Kourtney, and her dog, Ren.


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