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03/01/2023, ALL Students Can Learn to Read…Empowering Students with Complex Barriers.

Date: 03/01/2023 Time: 4:00-5:00 Location: internet Type: Webinar


The ability to read and write has enormous power, especially for the student who has complex learning needs. Meanwhile, special educators often tell us, “I am spending most of my day modifying or creating curriculum for older students because there is nothing available for my older students.” Hope has arrived. Learn how students with complex learning needs can become readers through research-based, systematic, sequential, and explicit instruction anchored in science.

In the presentation, I will share 1) the latest research about literacy instruction for students with disabilities and 2) how Readtopia and ReadtopiaGo helps educators address the widest range of needs for older students who still function as beginners. Abstract: The foundation of any classroom is the curriculum. A classroom without a comprehensive curriculum is like a driver without a map (or GPS for that matter). In this presentation, Karla Rachfal will discuss the latest research to ensure students with complex needs receive the proper kind of instruction that allows them to grow as readers. We will dive into the key instructional components of Readtopia and explain just how we accomplish just that. The team behind Readtopia is made up of educators, researchers, and explorers including

foundational reading skills. Thematic units help transform classrooms into laboratories of experiential learning. 

Videos are designed to build background knowledge, establish vocabulary, and build visual mental models of the materials covered in subsequent lessons and in the reading. All this, and they’re engaging!

Graphic novels use age-respectful images to reinforce text at seven different reading levels covering non-readers to conventional readers. And many assessments, cumulative, progress monitoring and formation allow teachers to show growth.


Karla Rachfal

Solution Specialist Building Wings

Karla Rachfal has been working with Special Education Administrators and Special Education Teachers for over eight years, helping them by providing age-respectful and leveled materials for the students that they serve. 


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