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No longer available from the vendor, The multilingual and durable DynaVox Maestro is designed to meet a broad range of
needs based on one’s age and ability. The hardware and software work seamlessly
to ensure maximum flexibility, while providing structure and consistency in page layout
and navigation. InterAACt page sets, available in multiple languages, encourage
successful daily communication, as well as language and literacy development.
Individuals can customize the Maestro by creating original pages, or can choose
from the provided InterAACt page templates.
DynaVox Series 5 Speaking Software is included on every Maestro, and is the
complete software solution for individuals with communication disabilities. It provides
dynamic page content that can be used with multiple access methods, and includes
a series of comprehensive and powerful features that can be customized to suit users
with varying needs and abilities. Series 5 Software on a standard (open) *device
provides access to email, eBooks, environmental controls and other computer
applications, making it the most functional software in the industry.
Dimensions 8.5 x 10.6, 1.4 high. Weight 3.44 lbs. Nine hour extended battery life.


1403, 1966


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