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Issue 5 | Feb 2024

Igniting a Love of Reading
Educators hold the key to igniting a lifelong passion for reading, as emphasized by Kathryn Starke in “Developing a Love of Reading in Students”. Motivation to read can arise from exposure to representative texts, diverse genres, and the use of audiobooks, graphic novels, and switch- accessible texts.

Issue 4 | Jan 2024

Tools and Strategies to Support Inclusive STEM Instruction
Enhancing math and science instruction by ensuring the active participation of all students.

Issue 3 | Dec 2023

Empowering Inclusive Learning Through Alternative Writing Access
Building a truly inclusive classroom involves recognizing and embracing the various ways in which students express their ideas.

Issue 2 | Nov 2023

Wrapping Up Augmentative Alternative Communication
Awareness Month Language
As we conclude AAC Awareness month, we are reminded of the pivotal role AAC plays in fostering inclusivity within the realm of education. AAC not only supports students with disabilities, but also enhances the overall classroom experience by promoting empathy, understanding, and acceptance among peers.

Issue 1 | Oct 2023

Visually Representing
Imagine if real life had captions? What if all classrooms had multiple ways to represent spoken words? Think of all the students who could benefit from language being represented visually!